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The Month of May - 2000

*5-29-00 - Dragon Knight Tournament - Village of The UnRuled:

For details on the TUR tourney and other information on the Dragon Knights and other tournaments, please go to The Dragon Knights Page and for directions and specifics on time/place, go to Meetings and Events.

*5-18-00 - The Clan Feud a success:

You've all heard about it. The Sandlewood Box patrons and the orcish clan of the Bloodrocks went head to head on a game show on the roof of TUR Village's Dragon Roost Tavern. Many people gathered from all around to witness this comical spectacle. In the end the Bloodrocks took home the big prize, having completed all rounds of the game. People cheered all around for both sides. Regardless of who won, it was a blast. Might even do it again sometime. *pats forehead* But not anytime soon. That was work!

*5-14-00 - Kuraazg's fall:

Several night's ago, warriors rallied from accross Britannia and presented themselves on the field to watch the final joust of the daemon Kuraazg and the recently resurrected hero, Trume. Before the time of the duel's end, many hell hounds and dire wolves flooded the area from all directions. A suprisingly low number of warriors fell durring the skirmish.

In the end however, Trume was killed, but not before the daemon's vile presence was put to an end. Here's an artist's rendering of the final blow delivered to Kuraazg.

*5-10-00 - Lag issues:

People have said that 80% of the lag on Great Lakes is cuased by our very own North Sentry due to so many items. This is simply not true!

*5-08-00 - The one that got away:

The Sandlewood Box was raided again last night, both by Bloodrocks and nomadic orcish clans, as well as a number of ettins. A black orc appeared, and grabbed the 7th fragment which was appearantly burried nearby. I had a beautiful screenshot of this, but it didn't take! Perhaps next time. If there is a next time.

We are uncertain if we'll have another chance to get the dark orc and the fragment it carries, but everyone there will remain watchful for the next opportunity.

Runes to the Sandlewood Box can be found in the Museum of Memories, Krista's Ranger Station, The North Sentry in TUR Village, and the CMG Blacksmith shop.

*5-07-00 - A strange ghost:

Let me remind you that this image was not doctored in any way and is game engine generated.

This was taken in the North Sentry in TUR Village a couple weeks ago when one of our fallen just refused to give up her possessions after death and clutched onto them as a spirit!

Not sure exactly how this came about, but thought people might be inetrested in peepin' :)

*5-01-00 - Oh, the humanity!:

Last night, the people of the Sandlewood had a whole lot more to worry about than the Bloodrock clan. While many warriors were prepared for confrontation, nobody could have forseen this onslaught.

Nomadic orcs, joined with ettins came in brute force, overrunning the defenders' lines and taking many to the grave with them. Fortunately, the virtues prevailed once again and the Sandlewood Box was again safe.

Past experience tells us that we haven't seen the tip of the iceberg yet. This incident was only a preview of what to expect, so if you're planning on aiding the Sandlewood, you might wanna' bring something more than a big stick!

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