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The Month of November - 2000

*11-18-00 - A play within a play, within a play:

In the early evening last night, we had a rehearsal for a play which is to take place on Friday, 11-24-2000 for the grand opening of the Skara Brae fairgrounds. The rehearsal went well and we expect the play to be a success. After rehearsal, we were playing around the fairgrounds which are still under construction and were startled by a pale apparition. She said not a word and walked in an earie manner through the soon-to-be fairgrounds. Appearing, and disappearing into thin air.

While we were still in awe of her appearance, angry spirits rose from the very ground we stood upon and massed against us. After some brief excitement, they seeped back into the earth from whence they came and the coming fairgrounds were silent.

We later recieved reports that someone by the name of MacLeod was in grave danger and to warn this person. Could this be our very own Skye MacLeod? It is said that Bonnie the mage brought this warning. Little more is known about the matter. Perhaps we shall see soon!

*11-17-00 - A reminder for the fiction contest:

From an anonymous person

As I sat in the Library that is my home looking around at all the same old and worn books, I had an epiphany. I realized that the land of Britannia is in the midst of a literary drought. So, to help along the resurgence of quality reading in Britannia. I hereby challenge all the citizens of this land who have chosen the pen and ink over the sword and shield. Submit a copy of your best works to be judged by myself and 5 others. The 10 best will be hailed across the land as the 10 greatest literary works on this shard. I care not what type of book you write, whether it be action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, horror(keep it clean), instructional(cookbooks, helpful hints, how topís, etc..) historical, or poetry. I gladly accept any kind.

I can be reached at to arrange a time to collect your entries, or contact my associate at as he also is collecting the books for this contest. As of yet I have no prizes, if you wish to submit a prize for the winners to receive let me know.

The best way to turn them in would be to directly contact us, though you may be able to give the books to members of "The Unruled" and they will get them to the proper people. Also, the Monk Teleburiel has said that he would love to display the top ten books in the Monastery Thurisaz, when it is finally restored. The "due date" for all entries is Nov. 20th. We would love for any and all to participate, even the smallest glimmer of an idea can become a grand story with only a slight bit of work. Thank you and good luck. May the muse speak to you all.

*11-16-00 - Callista the Dark orders raid on TUR Village:

Last night, TUR Village was rocked by a series of fierce attacks. It all started with the appearance of a few evil mages through mysterious moongates. Shortly after, blood elementals began to appear, and then elementals of all shapes and sizes. Just when all seemed well, the second wave arrived. As two large figures stepped through the gates an uneasy silence fell over the field. All that could be heard was the low huffing coming deep from within the the breasts of two very hidious daemons.

In a moment of fear and rage, the silence turned to battle cries and a charge took place. Before the daemons could be reached, our forces were met by elementals and evil mages who hurried past the daemons, fearlessly to battle. The minions did not last long, but the daemons, with their comrades slain, wadded amongst us as if without worry, picking their targets and bringing death to those of their choosing.

It took a little time and a lot of life before we could find the weak spots of the beasts and send them to the next world. Afterwards, there was brief celebration as those who fought in the battle proudly sported their robes which were recovered from the dead minions of the invading army.

We found clues about the attack. It would seem a person named Callista the Dark was behind this raid. We were lead to the temple on fire island where an unusual book was recovered. More on this later.

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