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The Month of October - 2000

*10-31-00 - A shard-wide Halloween spooktacular:

Well, it was certainly an eventful Halloween. Player community locations accross the shard were bombarded with lengthy attacks of undead, wolves, and reapers. It was similar to trick or treating for monsters as players gathered from all over to join in the battles which took place all over the shard of Great Lakes. 3 of TUR's more noted locations were attacked this eve: TUR Village, TUR Colonial Hamlet, and Terra Blanca Fortress.

The attack on Terra Blanca Fortress came as a shock to newly weds Ronin and Lissandra Dark as all walks of monsters stormed into the fortress prior to their wedding. You'll be happy to know though, they had a great time fighting the monsters, and the wedding went on smoothly.

The picture above shows Outy bravely guarding the empty stairwell on the 3rd floor of the Dragon Roost Tavern. Thanks to his courage and diligence not a single monster made it to the roof. It is unimportant that no monsters tried to come up the stairs. It is enough to know he would have stood his ground if there had been.

*10-29-00 - Trick or Treat in TUR Village follow-up:

We managed to continue on with this event despite the world shutting down to many just prior to the scheduled start time. A trick or treat trail, went all around the village, ending up at the Dragon Roost Tavern for the bonus prize event. As expected, the beautiful Trick or Treat trail was picked to death, but for about the first 20 minutes, it was Glorious! We were unable to snap any pictures of the trail as we were all running around, trying to get ready for go, and it was already picked by the time things settled down. All in all, it was quite a worthwhile thing to attend. It seemed fun for those who attended.

*10-29-00 - Senzez returns:

On Friday, late afternoon, Senzez the Imp came to the Sentry. He was demanding that the mysterious book which is locked down safely on the first floor of the North Sentry be "returned" to him. He would not say what the signifficance of the book was. Only that it must remain unknown, and the unknown is powerful. He/it...Said much the same about his master. We know he serves a being, but have no clues about his master.

After being refused a final request for the return of the book, he swore us all to death. A vicious assult on the North Sentry followed. Repears having all exits overgrown and blocked, ghouls, hell hounds, and dire wolves slipping through, into the main floor. It was a terrible afternoon indeed. Many fell that day. But we will stand strong and persue knowledge. Perhaps soon we will discover what it is all pointing to.

*10-25-00 - A vitit from Teleburiel and an appearance of Senzez the Imp:

Teleburiel showed up at the village earlier with Tristam. They were speaking about the significance of some book. The book itself can be seen in the North Sentry in TUR Village. After departing, Basil of the Cult of the Black Dragon made an appearance. My attention was elsewhere while he was present, but something caught my eye: A magical portal opened and several TURs followed.

On the other end was a strange elevator which leads to what we'll later find out is the monestary. Seems an unholy oracle if you asked me. Through the narrow passeged leading to the flat top of the mountain, we were ambushed by B-D, trapped and marked for death. We managed to push through these obsticals, arriving at last. We were greeted by many undead and Senzez who warned us of being there. We asked several questions about what the significance of the monestary was and why it was so urgent we were to leave.

Each time, we were answered with attacks which become more intense in strength. After much tension and the death of one of our own, we agreed to depart. But promised this was not over.

So then, OOT has declared war on B-D and in our next meeting with them, we will not be so cordial as we were this night. OOT's especially should read a post regarding this war on the TUR Discussion Forum.

*10-25-00 - Follow-up on the recent attack:

At this time, we are still uncertain who was behind the assult as no man or beast has claimed responsibility. A write-up of the attack was later posted on the BNN and linked from the front page.

*10-23-00 - A balron, a mage lord, and a dire wolf walk into a bar...:

Tonight there was some real carnage in this fair village of our's. More than usual, if you can believe it. I was day dreaming, sitting in my chair, when I came to realize people were dying all around me. Wolves, ettins, orcs, evil mages, and a daemon were just comming right into the North Sentry to say hello! We managed to push them all back outside and secure the Sentry. Messengers were sent, speeding word of the current peril in TUR Village.

Help soon arrived and the fight was taken into the central part of TUR Village, amongst the trees. More big uglies showed up, brining legions of friends. In some places, the bodies were so thick, you couldn't a-take a step without tripping over one of their fallen.

A supprisingly small number of residents and patriots of the village were slain. There will be more on this matter later. Everyone handled themselves very well me thinks!

*10-15-00 - Pluto and Layla wedding follow-up:

This was another spiffy wedding that took place yesterday. We have a couple pics from this one too.

You can see pictures of the wedding in the screenshot library under Event Pictures at the TUR Gallery.

*10-15-00 - Outy n Skye wedding follow-up:

The wedding went wonderfully. It was a purty ceremony all and all. Thanks to you all for attending!

You can see pictures of the wedding in the screenshot library under Event Pictures at the TUR Gallery.

*10-09-00 - A wedding!:

Outy and Skye will be gettin' hitched on the 14th. Wanna' attend? Follow me.

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