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The Month of October - 2001

*10-31-01 - A spooky Halloween site:

Go visit for some great Halloween spooks and scares. It is a site done by Ed Bain, the same who made the TUR flash logos for this site! He's done many great things in flash there that will keep your monitor screetching for hours!

*10-12-01 - TUR-Shirts have arrived!:

They're finally here and you can own one. Head over to the TUR Discussion Forum for more information.

This edition of TUR-Shirts is available exclusively to TUR members at this time. If you're a member and haven't signed up for the forum yet, you'll need to do so to get in.

*10-5-01 - TUR-Shirts coming soon!:

Production of the TUR T-shirts has almost been completed, and the shirts are scheduled be available for order as soon as the 15th of October(In just 10 days!) The shirts themselves are printed on black Hanes Heavyweight 5.5 Oz 100% cotton T-shirts. You can expect to get your hands on one for around $16.00, plus shipping and handling.

Presently, this edition of the TUR-Shirts is planned to be exclusively offered to TUR members. Actual-size samples of the images on the shirts, front and back will be available for viewing on the TUR Discussion Forum soon. As well as ordering information, expected on the 15th. Look for it!

*10-5-01 - The North Sentry hits 40,000 visits:

Around 10 pm Central, on 9-28-2001, the North Sentry hit 40,000 visits. Sadly, we missed the picture for a perfect round number this time and didn't catch it until 40,005, but it was determined that TUR's own Bon Scott was visitor number 40,000. Bon Received a 40,000 gold piece check from Curryiander of TUR for walking in the right place at the right time, and we patted ourselves on the back for reaching another great notch.

We look forward to seeing 50 and to having all of you there with us to behold!

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