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The Month of September - 2000

*9-19-00 - Capture the flag:

You want capture the flag? We've GOT capture the flag! Visit Meetings & Events to learn more.

*9-17-00 - New Establishment pics:

The picture pages for the main TUR Establishment pics have been updated with captions added. The picture page links can be found on the TUR Village page.

*9-12-00 - Triona recieves TUR pat on the back:

Miss Triona can almost always be found in the North Sentry, attending to various things or just taking a seat and chatting it up. For her diligence and dedication to Clan TUR, a very proud "good work!" goes out to Triona.

*9-09-00 - Orcs overrun TUR Village:

Durring one of the most hectic and confusing battles that TUR Village has seen in a long time, hordes of orcs flooded into the village, wave after wave.

Many a-man fell down as the continuious downpour of orcish war persisted. The North Sentry took it the hardest. Desperate defenders of the village tried to hold the main doors shut, but the orcish forces which seemed to never end pushed in and the fight was taken inside.

After about half an hour of intense battle, the conflict subsided and faded away. An erie silence feel upon the township. People have yet to speculate the possible causes for this assault.

*9-07-00 - Twenty thousand visits to the North Sentry:

Yesterday, around noon, Unkle Dork of CMG walked through the door of the North Sentry, taking the visitor counter to 20,000. He was recognized as the 20,000th visitor and given a keg of greater agility.

Many people pass through TUR Village and while they're there, look around The North Sentry. We are very pleased by this physical evidence of our success. In the future we look forward to hitting 30!

*9-07-00 - Admoral Twilight:

Though we've seen this person on and off, we've only recently come to know a few interesting...Rumors? Facts seem a bit to concrete. How's about "Accounts?" Yes, this is satisfactory. We've only recently come to know of a few interesting accounts.

Much of what I speak of can be found by reading Skye MacLeod's letter to Tristam regarding Admoral Twilight.

*9-01-00 - TUR Carnival is here:

The final details are in for the Carnival. Information can be found at Meetings & Events

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