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The Month of September - 2001

*9-5-01 - The North Sentry vendors:

The North Sentry vendors are packed with goods to fulfill your shopping needs! Anything you need to adventure in this world can be found in the back room, consisting of 16 vendors from armor to recall scrolls. Here's a list of our resident vendors:

Elly: Potion kegs, dp kryss', and GM tinker traps.
Emilio: Reg packs, GM bows, potion bags, and bandages.
Irvin: Tribal spears.
Rosemary: Fishsteaks, fruit, cloth, and scissors.
Tuesday: Armor suits(Iron, dull copper, and copper.)
Sasha: Armor suits(Bronze, shadow iron, agapite, gold, and verite.)
Bernard: Scrolls, full spellbooks, and runebooks.
Matthew: Scrolls, runebooks, full spellbooks, quarter staves, and savage paint.
Francesca: Tinker/Carpenter goods(Furniture, containers, tools, and add-ons.)
Carlin: Regular and studded GM leather armor and footwear(Suits and loose.)
Carolina: Basic and female GM studded leather armor suits, cloth, and scissors.
Ella: Scrolls and North Sentry runes.
Mellinio GM iron armor and shields(Armor sold loose.)
Zella: Savage paint, arrows, and bolts.
Aura: Clan-red clothing.

We hope you enjoy shopping the Sentry and helping it to remain one of this realm's most happenin' places.

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