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The Dragon Knights

The prophesy of the 8 knights as told by Red William

The local priest of Dragon's Bay, Saiminius, later made a statement concerning a vision given to him from the Gold one. Saiminus told that each city that had been involved in an attack from this quest would hold a tournament of skill, strength, and wisdom for members of their guilds, allies and any who wished to apply. One person would be chosen at the end of the city's tournament to represent that city as a devoted knight of the Gold one. The eighth knight would be selected by the Gold one himself. These eight "Dragon Knights" would lead the final battle for the eighth fragment and act as the guardians of virtue and truth in these dark days.

The cities or locations that will be hosting these events will be Dragon's Bay, TUR Village, Dragon's Point, Krista's Ranger Station, and Ruindean. Two more cities will be added as they are revealed. The contests will be not only for those of strong fighting skills, but for those of strong character, wisdom, and quick of mind.

Who among you will step forward?

The search for the knights has begun. At a time yet to bet set, a tournament will be held in TUR Village. The exact stipulations and rules will be listed here when the date and time are released. Keep in mind however, the knight will not be chosen for victory in the tournament alone. It will largly be based too on your actions and character before that time.

All patriots of the village are strongly encouraged to participate and anyone else who wishes to seek this role is welcome to join the tournament and represent TUR Village.

It gives me great pride, knowing one of the greatest warriors of the land will be representing the village. Durring this time, I advise you all to train and prepare for this great trial. Do your best, and represent your clan with your head high. Good luck to you all.

Check back here for updates frequently. Anything new will be added here as it is learned.

It is up to each township who may enter their tournaments and how they are conducted. I will refer to them as tournaments, but they may be quests, contests, tournaments, or any other means that a township decides to choose their champion. Below is a table of these events. It will be filled in and updated as the information becomes avilable.

Dragon Knight Tournaments

Township: Host: Location: Date: Time: Knight: Virtue:
Dragon's Bay OGD Fel/Lord B's Court 5-30-00 ? Alexander Sacrifice
TUR Village TUR Fel/Dragon Roost Tavern 5-31-00 8:00 p.m. CST Helper Compassion
Dragon's Point HtD Tram/Tar Valon 6-01-00 ? Kat Honor
Krista's Ranger Station K's ? 6-02-00 ? EdGuardo Honesty
Rhuidean +A+ Fel/Rhuidean Village/Jhelom Fighting Pits 6-03-00 ? ? Justice
Dracona CAD ? 6-04-00 ? ? Humility
The Sandlewood Box Ryak ? 6-05-00 ? ? Valor
? The Gold One ? ? ? ? Spirituality

What are the rules?

All of the details of these events will be made avilable here. If you'd like the information to your township's Dragon Knight event posted here, please send it in, or if the information can be found elsewhere, please send us the link.

TUR Village:

On Wednesday, May 31, on top of the Dragon Roost tavern will be held the Dragon Knight tournament for the Village of The UnRuled. It is set to start at 8:00 p.m. Central and will end at an undetermined time.

The tournament will consist of a mud wrestling competition to start and a battle of wits for the winners of that to determine the Dragon Knight of The UnRuled. The tournament is open to all, but all non-TUR entries must register with Outy of the TURs the day of the tournament prior to the event.

The rules for the mud wrestling portion is as follows:

  • Two participants at a time will enter the rink and compete.
  • Bouts will be matched up based on strength until there are only 5 remaining.
  • Armor and clothes are not allowed. Shields are allowed.
  • Enchanted items are not allowed - Grandmaster made and below only.
  • Poisoned weapons are not allowed.
  • Spell casting is allowed.
  • Potions, bandages, and reagents are allowed.
  • All fighting must be done inside of the mud rink. Stepping outside of the rink is a forfiture of the match.
  • Death or yield results in elimination from the tournament.

    The rules for the second part of the tournament will be announced the day of the event when the time comes. No advice can be given on this portion other than to prepare your mind.

    Good luck to you all.

    Skye MacLeod

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