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This is a collection of various mentions of TUR on other sites. It lists only permanent locations and not mentions from fansite news articles or message boards.

UO Sites

Britannian News Network - A news report regarding the death of Teleburiel and undead attacks in TUR Village.

The Hansonian Institute: - Most of these are character profiles for troubadors who have played a part for events in TUR Village.
    Hoyt - A profile for Hoyt.
    Alkar Ashcroft - A profile for Alkar Ashcroft.
    Teleburiel - A profile for Teleburiel.

Great Lakes Community News: - These are information archives for a couple of storylines which took place in TUR Village.     Ravens - Information about ominous appearances of ravens, as well as undead attacks, and Teleburiel.
    Dragon Knights - Information on the knighting ceremony for the Dragon Knights and the eventual selection.

The Nation - A nice mention of TUR's Solen Information site.

Mendo Solen Quest Information - A Solen information site which references the Solen Information site at

Community Design Strategies - This is an interesting find. This appears to be some internet article on community building. We're not quite certain who the author is as we were not contacted for permission to use our website's content and images.

UO Vault Home Decorations - Sadly, this section seems to have been removed. We have stopped receiving hits from this page and it could not be found by navigating the UO Vault network. It referenced the Dragon Roost Tavern in TUR Village for several decorative examples.


Clan KoV - This demonstrates an interesting phenomenon. This is a small site for Clan KOV in Diablo II/StarCraft. There are as many as half a dozen such organizations. They are splinter clans descended of Clan TUR in Diablo in 1996, 97, and 98. The leadership of most of them were never part of the original TUR on and often were themselves inducted by members of other splinter TUR clans. If you browse this site, you'll also see mentions of other TUR clans. An interesting notion to think that this is our legacy on Similar organizations can also be found in other games, spawned from TUR on either or UO.

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