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A Postcard From The Beach

From your one n' only Outy n' Skye

Alrighty. Whelp, me n' Miss MacLeod finally decided to go n' meet up. How 'bout that? Here be a few pictures from our week. It's sorta' funny -- Our real life behavior together reflects our lazy UO 'puter lives, hehe. Needless to say, we didn't get out much to take pictures and mostly took turns playin' on the computer n' watchin' movies and...Enjoying eachother's...Company :) We did have a great time and here's a few pictures to enjoy:

This be the view from the beach condo, Ain't the Atlantic purty?

Probably very curious what we look like. Well, this is us. We see Skye here with some TUR spirit, sportin' clan-red!

Skye snuck a few pics o' me here and dare. Here, we see Outy...Err, me, enjoyin' some good ol' ICQ talkey.

Aren't mornings a bitch?

Near the end of the week, we made a stop at Fort Fisher. 'Tis a pretty place. But all of the trees 'round there resemble Felucca. We see Skye here, peeking out from behind a tree after hidding from some resident PKs. Although we disagree on the nature of the people in question, I'd have to say, they looked a lot like tourists.

'Tis a bit dark 'round this time of evening. Ya' can see me in there somewhere. I'm the pillar that doesn't have bark on it.

There I am, uhhhhh....Stroking a big cannon...Let's move on, shall we?

*admires all o' dem man-made fortifications in Fort Fisher* Ohhhh momma...*drools*

What? You were expecting more? So sorry. I told ya' we were lazy. Hope ya' enjoyed the postcard :)

The TUR Gallery