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Red Solen Spawn Maps
Current as of 9-19-2002

Spawn Maps - Trammel Great Lakes

These are maps of red Solen spawn locations in Trammel. Each of these spawn sites were visited for a short time and all Solen encountered were marked on the map where they where found. The maps are layed out this way in an attempt to display the outlines and central area of the spawns, and give you a general idea of what to expect from a visit there.

Note: These maps were created on the first day of the release of Solen ants on Great Lakes. Some spawn areas are broader than initially mapped.

East of Cove
This spawn appears to be a lot more hopping than the same spawn in Felucca. It may just be the luck of the draw, but upon this particular visit, there was an extreme amount of warriors here.

Southeast of Yew
It appears a little busier than the same site in Felucca. You can see, this one overlaps with the Yew Crypts spawn to the East(Shown below.)

Yew Crypts/Yew Outlands
It seems to be exactly the same as it's Felucca counterpart, only a tad more Southeast. This could just be circumstantial to that particular visit however.

East of Minoc/Northwest of Vesper
This area was previously labled a no-spawn, but after reports of Solen sightings, it was visited a second time. A much broader area was searched and the spawn looks much more promising this time around. It also seems the spawn area is much larger than previously thought. This is likely true too for the Felucca side.

West of Trinsic
The Trammel side of this site doesn't look to be near as lively as Felucca. These three Solen were the only ones encountered on this visit.

Southeast of Skara Brae
A fairly enjoyable Solen spawn. Not too many people, an average number of Solen.

North of Compassion Desert
This spawn comes close to rivaling Cove. It's devided by a river which you can teleport across or just use the bridge. Great for all of your Solen needs.

East side of Daemon Temple on Fire Isle
This spawn curves around the East side of Fire Isle's daemon temple. It's a good spawn, but can be hazardous due to the conventional spawn that's already there; Daemons, dragons.

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