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There is a hot wind that blows accross the land. It's scorching touch, devours all of the territories and their peoples. It's spreading embrace is cumbersome. Only left: Two sides. One to rise against the other. And between the hearts of the two great wills, lies the struggle. Not one to conquer the other - There is only the balance, in attempt to attain control. And the thunder that rolls down from the hills - An everpresent reminder of the great war.


The end? - Wednsday, April 19
Akron starts rituals - Thursday, April 13
Recap - Saturday, April 8


First-hand accounts of events.

Skye MacLeod:
Thursday, March 9 - Strange happenings
Friday, March 10 - Grub, Gilberto, and Hoyt
Sunday, March 12 - The appearance of the phoenix.
Recap of events - Sunday, March 19

Atross's visit - Saturday, March 18
A eulogy for Atross - Tuesday, April 18

Key Players

Akron - The Red liche. Lord of the dark forces after the Dream Sickle
Atross - A phoenix of Clan Red Feather
Gilberto - A trustie of Clan Red Feather
Grub - An ogre lord.
The Hell Hound - A messenger
Hoyt - Akron's First Lieutendant

If you have something you'd like to ask or comment on in this matter or any other, please go to the TUR Discussion Forum.

Be sure to check the news often for new developments as they happen.

Skye MacLeod

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