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Black Solen Ant Holes
Current as of 9-27-2002

All ant holes will spawn 1-6 Solen of a random type when approached, including giant beetles at times. For the more popular ant holes, the best way to locate them is to find the place where there are a dozen Solen and Players on a screen. Players usually gather to kill the massive spawn emerging from the ant holes.

What each lair contains:

Northwest Corner: Zoogi fungus garden
Northeast Corner: Lair of rival queens
Southwest Corner: Zoogi fungus garden/Rival queens' combination lair
Southeast Corner: Ambitious queen's lair

East of Cove
This ant hole leads to an ambitious queens section of the hive.

Northeast of Vesper
This ant hole leads to a section of the hive containing rival queens.

Fire Isle
The North-most ant hole does not go to the hive and is hidden behind a villa. The bottom ant holes from left to right go to the following: Zoogi garden lair(Left,) Zoogi garden/Rival queen lair(Center,) Rival queen lair(Right.) This is the best ant hole location by far, with holes leading to 3 seperate lairs.

Southwest of the Brigand Fort, South of Yew
The ant hole nearest to the brigand fort does not led to the hive. The hole the most West goes to a zoogi fingus garden.

Southwest of Trinsic
The West hole does not go anywhere. The bottom hole goes to a zoogie garden lair.

Southeast of Yew
Neither of the Northern holes go to the hive. The South-most hole on the road goes to a lair of rival queens.

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