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The Naturalists
Current as of 9-28-2002

Naturalists like to dress in olive drab tunics and wear boots. They can be found in libraries all over the world(Buildings where scribes work.) Each naturalist will offer you the opporunity to perform research for him and reward you with a rare seed. Several new colors of new seeds are available. Different naturalists will give you a certain color of seed. Pictures of all the seed colors coming soon.

How To:

This particular naturalist was found in the First Library of Britain. Let's talk to him.

Quest Offer from the naturalist:
The Naturalist looks up from his notes, regarding you with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Um..yes..excuse me. I was wondering if you could ffer me a bit of assistance. You see, I'm a naturalist of some repute - a gentleman and a scholar if you will - primarily interested in the study of insects and arachnids. While I've written a few interesting books on the marvelous Terathan race and their bizarre culture, now I've heard tales of a truely significant new discovery!

Apparently a race of ant-like creatures known as the Solen have appeared in our world, scuttling up from some previously hidden home. Can you believe it? Truely these are amazing times! To a scholar such as myself this is indeed an exciting opportunity.

That said, while I may be a genius of some renown, sharp as a tack and quick with the quill, I'm afraid I'm not much of the adventuring type. Thought I have gained assistance before, I still have many unanswered questions.

I am particularly interested in the Solen Egg Nests that are studiously protected by the Solen workers. if you would be so kind as to assist me, I would ask that you travel into the Solen Hive and inspect each of the Solen Egg Nests that reside within. You will have to spend some time examining each Nest before you have gathered enough information. Once you are done, report back to me and I will reward you as best as I can for your valiant efforts!

Will you accept my offer?

He'll give you a little background on his work without forgetting to flatter himself. He goes on to tell you about his interest in the new Solen hive and asks that you investigate the 4 egg nests in the hive. Accept if you're interested.

Conversation Event with the naturalist:
Ah! This is splendid news! Each time an assistant travels into the Solen Hive to gather information for me, I feel as if I am one step closer to some grand discovery. Thought I felt the same way when I was certain that Terathans had the ability to change their shape to resemble various fruits and vegetables - a point on which I am certain further study of the beasts will prove correct.

In any case, I cannot thank you enough! Please return to me when you have studied all the Solen Egg Nests hidden within the Solen Hive.

The naturalist is very pleased that you've agreed and spouts a little more self-promotional rhetoric before sending you on your way.

You must locate holes to the 4 different hive lairs. You might have noticed by now each lair resides in a certain corner of the hive. Find the egg nest and sit still while you take down notes. You'll know you've found the lair when your character says "Ah!" The below are the messages you'll see at various stages of progress:

"You begin studying the Solen Egg Nest to gather information."
"You begin recording your completed notes on a bit of parchment."
"You have completed your study of this Solen Egg Nest. You put your notes away."

If you leave the area, your work will hault and you'll have to start over. Once you've collected data from all 4 egg nests, return to the same naturalist who issued you the quest and talk to him again.

Conversation Event with the naturalist:
The Naturalist looks up from his notes with a pleased expression on his face.

Ah! Thank you, my goodly apprentice! These notes you have gathered will no doubt assist me in my understanding of these fascinating Solen creatures.

Now, since you've done such a fine job, I feel that I should give you a little reward.

I have a botanist friend who has discovered a strange mutation in the plants she has grown. Through science and sorcery, she has managed to produce a mutant strain of colored seeds the like of which no gardener has laid eyes upon.

As a reward for your fine efforts, I present you with this strange rare seed, Which reminds me, I still need to compile my noted on Solen dietary habits. They are voracious seed eaters, those Solen Matriarchs!

In any case, I must get back to my noted now. I give you my thanks once more, and bid you a good day to you my little apprentice! If you wish to help me out again, just say the word.

Oh! He's very pleased! He tells you about his botanist friend who's discovered a strange new hybrid seed and decides that it would be a good reward for his little apprentice! He also mentions that Solen really like to eat seeds which seems to make way for more planty content in the future.

At last! Your reward! There are several new, rare colors available. Pictures of them coming soon.

Fire Seed How To:

To attain the fire seed, you must go above and beyond the call of duty in your research for a naturalist.

Once you have completed your notes on the standard 4 holes, rather than returning to the Naturalist right away, find yourself a green thorn--They are resources produced by bright green snake plants and single-barrel cacti.

On a rumor, the thorn was planted in compassion desert in front of the Compassion shrine. The sand is collapsing! Let's go in!

It's an undiscovered lair! Start studying those eggs.

I think the naturalist will like what you have to show him too.

Conversation Event with the naturalist:
The Naturalist looks up from his notes with an ecstatic look upon his face.

Oh my! These notes you've brought me - they say you have information on the Secret Solen Egg Nest? I've heard many tales of this secret store of special Solen Eggs, but there are many missing gaps in my notes concerning it.

The notes you've made here will most certainly advance my understanding of this mysterious breed of creatures!

Considering the amazing effort you put into your work, I feel as if I should give you something extra special as a bonus. Hrmm...

I have a botanist friend who has discovered a strange mutation in the plants she has grown. Through science and sorcery, she has managed to produce a rare mutant strain of colored seeds the like of which no gardener has laid eyes upon.

I've given a few of her seeds out to various apprentices - but I usually keep her very rare stock all for myself. They're quite amazing looking! However, since you've done such a fine job for me. I'll present you with one of those rare fire-red seeds.

Once again, my thanks to you! Now I really must get back to studying these notes! Take care, my fine apprentice, and come back if you wish to help me further!

The naturalist will either say "Yeah!" and clap, or "Yahoo!" and clap. And he loves you ever so much more than his other apprentices! He's been passing out low-grade seeds to his other apprentices, but for you, his special researching buttercup, he will present a very special seed!

Oh, and it's a beautiful fire seed. Look at it glow...Mmmmmm...Fire seed...

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